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The strength of the R.A.M. are the trained and qualified technicians, specialized in the design and construction of machinery, in the maintenance and creation of custom templates for every customer need.


The R.A.M. is renewed with a new range of machines designed for worker safety.

We have designed a barrier kit with photoelectric sensors that can prevent any accidental damage to the operator during the production cycles, managing to completely reduce any risk of injury on the stapler.


Creating a customized product for the customer is our biggest challenge, so R.A.M. is able to create sewing machines with special execution with different working areas, but also by adding sewing heads for different needs.


Our sewing machines fully comply with all the requirements to fit into the narrow sector of Industry 4.0.

Through our programmers we are able to create customized software packages that support your internal management managing to collect an incredible number of data, but also to create job orders in order to be able to manage in optimal way the production of the sewing machine.


Through our extensive experience in the industry, we are able to provide additional customizations and optionals to your sewing machines to improve their quality and productivity.

We also implement Rodella Technologies technology on RODDIK import sewing machines such as, for example, the addition of the presser foot used on HR/RC series staplers that ensures greater material stability.